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The Internet pages of the Office of the Commissioner of Financial Institutions (from here on referred to as the OCFI) is limited to public information only. Users of these pages are authorized to divulge, print, photocopy or reproduce the information at will. In all cases the persons using the information should divulge and/or notify third parties that the source is the OCFI.

The contents of the OCFI pages (documents, laws, regulations, news, reports or any other type of information) might have been modified for simpler presentation over the Internet. Should there exist any discrepancies between the original and the contents of these pages, the original documents in the OCFI archives prevail.

The user of these pages is authorized to include hyperlinks or links from pages other than those of the OCFI at our web site ( <>). However, use of the OCFI Internet pages in a so-called frame that creates the impression that the OCFI page is part of one other than ours is prohibited.

The OCFI does not endorse or recommend the use of any products or services other than its own which make any reference through a hyperlink and will take any measures necessary to prevent the loss, misuse or alteration or any information or resources under our control. In addition, the OCFI will use any necessary means to prevent the malicious or harmful dissemination of information or any virus over its pages or archives.


The OCFI does not compile any personal information about the users of its Internet pages. However, it does reserve the right to compile personal and other types of information about the user if it suspects any illegal conduct in the usage of the Internet property or services of the OCFI. To safeguard the availability of the OCFI services it will supervise the use of the interconnection network specifically in those situations where any intent is made to modify or damage the content of the pages.

In addition, the OCFI may compile statistical information relevant to the hits received on its website for the following uses:

1. The Internet domain and the connection or access IP number.
2. The type of surfing and operational system used to see these pages.
3. The time and date of the visit.
4. Which OCFI pages were visited.
5. The page from where the visit originated.

The OCFI has the right to divulge the information contained in any message or email it receives when the information is:

1. Required by any state or federal agency, the Puerto Rico Legislature, the U.S. Congress or any state or federal court with proper legal authority.
2. Considered public property according to Law 5 of December 8, 1955, as amended.

When the information relates to a complaint, confidentiality will be maintained as per the OCFI Instructions for Filing of Complaints.

Any information the user provides over this Internet page will not be encrypted and could well be read during its transmission by persons not affiliated with the OCFI.

The OCFI does not make use of "cookies" (short histories temporarily placed in the host computer) to compile any personal information on its web site users other than to improve its Internet pages. In all instances any information that is compiled will be done solely on the OCFI computers.

When the visitors to our pages see hyperlinks to pages other than those of the OCFI be they government, commercial or private entities and one is selected, the visitor will be subject to the norms and conditions of the external page.


Any non-authorized access or direct or indirect intent or action to modify, erase, alter, enter, substitute or eliminate the archives, configuration, pages, graphics or content of the information services of the OCFI is strictly prohibited and will be considered as affecting the security and integrity of our information services. The OCFI will use any security or vigilance mechanisms necessary to identify any person incurring in such conduct.

In addition, we will take all necessary actions to assure the arrest and conviction or the person attempting to in any way affect the security or integrity of our services under the applicable state and federal laws.

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