The laws of the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico require that Individuals and companies be authorized before engaging in any financial business on its jurisdiction.

Except for Credit Unions, which are licensed, supervised and insured by COSSEC, and individuals and companies engaged in the insurance business, that fall under the jurisdiction of the Insurance Commissioner of Puerto Rico, the remaining group must (see Laws Section) either obtain a license or be registered with the Office of the Commissioner of Financial Institutions.

Please look for the license and decal the OCFI issues to licensees –and requires to be prominently displayed at each location.

For your convenience, you will find below a list of all OCFI licensees, in alphabetical order, grouped by type of license granted. If you encounter problems with your search or have a question with respect to licensing issues, please email our Licensing Division or call us at (787) 723-3131 ext. 2214.


Brokerage Institutions

Commercial Banks


Check Cashers

Financial Intermediaries

Pawn Shops

Installment Sales and Credit Cards

International Banking Entities

International Financial Institution

Investment Advisors

Leasing Companies

Money Transmitters

Mortgage Institutions

Mortgage Brokers

Small Loan Companies

Mortgage Loan Originators

Trust Companies

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