Annual Report

Stadistical Data Decembrer 2017


In order to fulfill its obligations more effectively and efficiently, the OCFI requires the filing of valuable financial and statistical information by most segments of the financial sector.

Our Financial Information System (“SIF” for its acronym in Spanish) contains valuable information available to the press, financial institutions, economists, students, other governmental agencies and the general public.

From this section, you can access statistics and other financial information from the SIF database on Puerto Rico’s Financial Sector and the following of its segments:


All Financial Institutions in Puerto Rico - Total Assets

Commercial Banks

Customer Asset Under Control

Statistical Summary Domestic Commercial Banks

Schedule RC-N Past Due and Nonaccrual Loans Consolidated by Commercial

Domestic Commercial Banks

Credit Unions

Finance Companies

IRA Accounts

Internacional Banking Entities

International Financial Entities

Investment Companies

Leasing Companies

Mortgage Companies

Small Loans Companies

Security Broker - Report of Condition

Statistics by Banks in Puerto Rico

Venture Capital Companies

Mortgage Loans Origination

Consolidated Bank / Mortgage Institutions

Total Mortgage Loans Disbured

Mortgage Delinquency 2010 - 2018


If data you need additional data of the sector or any of the segments listed above, you may contact our Financial Analysis Division via email, or call us at (787) 723-3131 ext. 2314, to determine if it can be publicly divulged.

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