This directory lists the telephone numbers and email addresses of the Divisions at the Office of the Commissioner of Financial Institutions:

Office Address

Office of the Commissioner of Financial Institutions
Edif. Centro Europa – Suite 600
1492 Ave. Ponce de León

San Juan, Puerto Rico 00907

Mailing Address Office of the Commissioner of Financial Institutions
PO Box 11855
San Juan PR 00910-3855
Switchboard website

(787) 723-3131

(787) 723-4042 Fax

Commissioner’s Office

Commissioner George Joyner (787) 723-3131 ext. 2206
General Counsel Griselle Morales (787) 723-3131 ext. 2325
Acting Assistant Commissioner - Administration

Samuel Rivera

(787) 723-3131 ext. 2378

Operating Divisions

Complaints Division
Responsible for the handling of consumer complaints.
  Administrative Assistant Luis Torrres (787) 723-3131 x2324

Investigations Division
Conducts investigations into illegal activities involving locally chartered institutions and licensed entities. Interacts with other regulatory, law enforcement and prosecution agencies. Monitors compliance with the Bank Secrecy Act and conducts background investigations in connection with applications for charters and licenses.
  Supervisor Samuel Rivera (787) 723-3131 x2249

Human Resources Division
Recruits and maintains a productive, motivated, and skilled work force to effectively execute the Agency’s mission. Administers programs regarding benefits, training, and affirmative action. Implements Commonwealth and Agency policies and promotes positive employee relations and effective management in all aspects of the work environment.
    Acting Director Lic. Sonia Reyes (787) 723-3131 x2396

Financial Education Division
Its purpose is to develop educational plans to increase the growth of a better financially educated country.  For that reason, it carries out strategies to reach several sectors of the Puerto Rican community; such as: conferences, trainings and large events orientation.
    Acting Director Velia Cardona (787) 723-3131 Ext. 2326

Licensing and Regulations Division
Charged with the responsibility of emitting and revoking licenses, and the issue of administrative opinions and Circular Letters.
    Assistant Commissioner Iris Jiménez (787) 723-3131 x2222

Banks Examinations Division
Supervises and examines the operations of all Commonwealth chartered banks, foreign banks and branches, international banking entities, trust companies, and governmental banks to ensure their safety and soundness.
    Assistant Commissioner Ariel Acosta (787) 723-3131 x2364

Non Depository Institutions Examinations Division
Charged with supervisory and examination responsibility for the following financial service segments: Mortgage Institutions, Financial Intermediaries, Cashers of Checks, Small Loans Companies, Leasing Companies, Pawn Shops, Finance Companies, and Money Transmitters. The division also examines the Casinos.
    Acting Assistant Commissioner Cesar Nieto (787) 723-3131 x2365

Securities Examinations Division
Responsible for the supervision and examination of Broker-dealers, Investment Advisors, Venture Capital Funds, Investment Companies and Securities brokers or agents doing business in Puerto Rico.
    Acting Assistant Commissioner  Edgardo Roque... (787) 723-3131 Ext. 2287

Securities Division
Regulates the local securities industry and registers securities offerings and the persons who sell them. License applications of institutions and individuals, as well as requests for the creation and operation of local investment companies and venture capital funds are evaluated and authorized by the division.
    Assistant Commissioner Damaris Mendoza (787)723-3131 x 2222

Financial Analysis Unit:

Receive, consolidate and analyze financial and statistical data from the various segments of Puerto Rico’s financial sector.

     Supervisor  Ariel Acosta  (787) 723-3131 Ext.2358

Unclaimed Property:

Responsible for the safekeeping of unclaimed property with Puerto Rico addresses, received from holders from within and outside the Commonwealth, until its return to owners.

     Supervisor Salva D. Valentin (787) 723-3131 Ext. 2330


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