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By: Lic. Rafael Blanco Latorre

Commisioner of Financial Institutions of Puerto Rico

Residential foreclosures in Puerto Rico have been rising every year since 2008. In 2008, 2,357 family dwellings were foreclosed, while in 2013, the figure reached 4,207 units. At present, 18,288 units are in process of foreclosure while 14,240 mortgage loans 90 days in arrears inch closer to the foreclosure process.

Residential mortgages pose a serious social problem for our island and a threat to the main source of savings of its residents.

A residence is not only a vital necessity for our families, it represents a life-long sacrifice and the principal form of savings for Puerto Rico’s households. Home refinancing has made possible education for dependents as well as a source of repayment for accumulated debts. By far, a home represents the principal financial asset of Puerto Rico families.


What do we need to know about the new rules of credit?


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